Animal Rescue Organizations

There is an increasing need for animal rescue organizations. Pfau Englund Nonprofit Law provides a unique program to help get your rescue off the ground.

Our package includes:

  • Discovery session – where you describe your rescue plans, expected sources of funding, and key activities and learn more about why our program is unique.
  • Incorporation – setting your rescue up as a nonprofit corporation.
  • Federal tax ID – obtaining the IRS employer identification number (EIN).
  • IRS Form 1023 – drafting the appropriate IRS exemption application, Form 1023EZ or 1023, based on your anticipated annual gross revenue.
  • Bylaws – providing you with a customized set of bylaws to guide your operations.
  • State charity registration –completing the state charity/fundraising registration as required by your state.

    We stand by you the entire way through, answering your questions and any questions coming from the IRS about your exemption application. 

Keeping you legal. Running a nonprofit can be complicated.  That's why we include in our package of services taking care of your annual federal and state registrations and renewals for the first year after your rescue operations start (e.g. the IRS 990N, state annual corporate report, and charity registration renewal). 

Our fees include the IRS and state filing fees making getting started easier than ever.

  • Small rescue fee - $1495 (annual gross income up to $50,000/year for the first three years & eligible to file the IRS Form 1023EZ)
  • Larger rescue fee - $2995 (annual gross income over $50,000/year)