International NGOs

Americans give more to charity than any other nation in the world, contributing over $300 billion each year.  Americans give both at home to worthy causes in the United States, and to charitable activities throughout the world.  RENOSI Law, P.A. guides international NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) through the maze of  tax law to set-up a U.S. entity that may appeal to U.S. taxpayers for financial and other support.

Our package includes:

  • Discovery session – to learn about your international NGO, expected sources of funding, and key activities

  • Incorporation – setting up a U.S. nonprofit corporation

  • U.S. registered agent – as required to incorporate in U.S.

  • Federal tax ID – obtaining the IRS employer identification number (EIN)

  • IRS Form 1023 – drafting the IRS tax-exemption application, Form 1023

  • International grant-making policy & procedure – required to meet IRS requirements for donations directed outside the U.S.

  • OFAC policy – required to meet IRS requirements for donations directed outside the U.S.

  • Bylaws – providing you with a customized set of bylaws to guide your operations

  • State charity registration –completing the state charity/fundraising registration in the state of incorporation

  • State sales tax exemption – applying for state sales tax exemption in the state of incorporation

  • Set-up of a U.S. bank account – for receipt of contributions from U.S. taxpayers

We stand by you the entire way through, answering your questions and any questions coming from the IRS about your exemption application.

International NGO start-up package - $4995