Concierge Association Law

RENOSI Law, P.A. offers customized general counsel legal services to a select number of business associations, educational and other tax-exempt organizations. We limit the number of general counsel clients that each attorney handles so that we can provide the highest level of service.  Our program includes:

  • An annual one-on-one in-person session at your offices with your key association staff. This session is designed to allow us to learn and understand your key business goals, greatest challenges, biggest opportunities and concerns so we can reduce potential risks, and head-off liabilities before they happen.

  • Annual legal plan - based on our one-on-one session we'll develop a legal services plan for the review of your organizations publications, documents, website, human resources policies and procedures and the like. 

  • Unlimited telephone and email consultation as needed.

  • Attendance at up to 3 board, staff training or other meetings per year

  • Development of annual risk management plan – helping you choose what risks to take and how to reduce, eliminate or transfer other risks;

  • Unlimited contract review – legal review of all your meeting, technology, publishing, employment and other contracts

  • Priority service – same week turnaround of most contracts and other reviews

Isn’t it time you really knew your lawyer, and you felt like they knew you and your business?

Services are provided to a limited number of associations and other nonprofit organizations for a flat monthly retainer fee.

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The next step is to schedule a discovery session with Sandy to determine if our concierge general counsel practice is a good fit for your association or other nonprofit group. Use the link below to schedule time on Sandy's calendar.