What to expect when starting a nonprofit

How long does it take?

After our firm is engaged and you provide us with the information we need about your organization, you will receive draft articles of incorporation to create your nonprofit business in your state in about a week.  State governments vary widely in the time they take to review your articles -  from a few days to a few weeks. Some states, like California, take about a month.

What happens next?

While the state is reviewing your articles of incorporation we will draft the remaining documents needed, including obtaining an EIN (employer identification number) for your new business, drafting bylaws, and drafting the appropriate IRS exemption application (Form 1023EZ for smaller organizations with gross income of less than $50,000 per year during each of the first three years; Form 1023 for larger organizations.)

How long does it take for the IRS to review my application?

The IRS is currently reviewing IRS Form 1023EZ in 30-60 days.  It is taking approximately 6 months for the IRS to review the full Form 1023.

Note, however, that tax-exemption when granted is retroactive to the date of incorporation.

What happens if I file the 1023EZ but raise more than $50,000 during any of my first 3 years of operation?

Eligibility of the 1023EZ is based on your realistic expectation of earnings during your first three years.  However, if you are more successful than expected in raising funds, there is no penalty from the IRS.  

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